Being Republican in the 2016 Election

I am a Republican. I was raised in a Republican house, by a Republican family, and have grown up on Republican ideals. Republican, Republican, Republican. Does it bother you that I’m throwing that word around? How about when I tell you I support Trump? Every time I so much as bring up a positive aspect of the Republican party, or its candidate, there’s a disgusting backlash of disturbed looks and ignorant comments.

Let me make one thing abundantly clear. Conservatives are not radically racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other name heaved onto our shoulders. Are there racist conservatives? Yes, of course there are. But it is revolting to me that our entire party is cast into that irredeemable pit, dragging my family and myself with it. Claiming that Republicans want to kill all Muslims is like saying that Democrats want to murder all unborn children. It legitimately blows my mind that ideas like this could ever have become as commonly accepted as they are right now.

I respect my father more than any man on the face of this planet. I would never describe him as racist, or sexist, or homophobic, or Islamophobic, or anti-Latino. But I will call him a Republican, day after day, every single god forsaken time the question of this election comes up. Because he is Republican. And I am sick and tired of that being a bad thing.

Trump is a despicable human being. He is a moron, and a numskull, and whenever someone claims he is any form of vulgar name they are right. We know that. I don’t need you to educate me on what he is. I can’t tell you how many times I have said I support Trump, and someone has offered to show me some life-changing video that is sure to convince me my opinion is wrong. I’ve seen them all. I’ve heard everything that he has said, watched every painful interview, every miserable speech, because every time a new one comes out it’s plastered across the internet. How could I not see? It’s all anyone will talk about. Don’t tell me I don’t know.

Hillary is a pathetic liar. She is a cheater, and a hypocrite, and whenever someone claims she is any form of vulgar name they are right. I don’t accuse Democrats of not knowing that. They’ve seen every individual piece of evidence I’ve seen, and they don’t need me shoving it in their faces. They know just as much about the email scandal as I know about the tax return. They’ve watched the videos that show her condemning homosexuals five years ago, and they are fully aware of how starkly that contrasts with her “support” of the LGBT community today. How could they not see? I don’t tell them they don’t know.

Because telling someone “oh, then you must not have seen…” is idiotic. Every form of media, social or otherwise, is jam-packed with crap about this train wreck. This election has reached the point where people aren’t making their decisions based off of who they agree with, they’re making them based off of who they’re least afraid of. What scares you more? The tax return or the emails? The bigoted comments or the blatant lies? There is no solid option. Each one is a risk. No one likes their choices.

I am a young woman who considers herself a feminist, a supporter of the LGBT community, an advocate for equal rights, and a conservative. That doesn’t contradict anything. Liberals do not have an exclusive claim to being a decent person. Feminism is not a liberal idea. Anti-racism is not a liberal idea. Once upon a time, you might’ve been able to make that argument, but the party has changed so much, even if the public refuses to see it. The majority of people didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Now, the majority did vote for such a wide range of people that all of the other candidates got a small percentage of the majority’s vote; Trump got all of…the rest. I don’t want to say minority because I think we can all agree minorities were not voting for Trump. But still, most people didn’t want him as our candidate. Most of the people who voted, that is. My parents came back from the candidate elections and said the place was near-barren. Donald Trump is what happens when people choose not to vote. Hillary is what happens when people choose not to vote. We get stuck with candidates whom the nation universally despises. Just because they’re our candidates doesn’t mean we agree with them. Trump supporters are not racists, and Hillary supporters are not hypocrites. Trump supporters are not sexists, and Hillary supporters are not defenders of Bill Clinton’s actions. Trump supporters are not accused sex offenders, and Hillary supporters are not accused violators of national security. We are not hordes of miniature Trumps running around, spouting the verbal garbage you hear bimbos at his rallies blaring through megaphones. They are not the majority. They do not represent us.

Quit throwing my entire party in with the human trash that is Trump. Our vote does not mean we are turning a blind eye to anything he has done, it just means that when we turn our eyes to everything either candidate has done, we aren’t scared of the same things that liberals are scared of. Because we have different political standpoints. Imagine that.

I shouldn’t be afraid to state my opinion in a group because being conservative is so unbelievably terrible. I’m proud to be Republican, and I’m proud of my family’s values and morals. It’s not our party I’m scared of.


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