26 letters. It’s hard to believe that’s all the English language is made of. It’s hard to believe that history has been changed and captured in different groupings of 26 characters. That words could have such a massive impact, such a peaceful power, with so little.

Being fairly “little” myself, this speaks to me. My love and fascination with words has motivated me on several different levels, but the most important is by far the drive to prove that I have power, I have strength, and I can make impacts and leave marks that shock and stun.

I’m a freshman at Mason High School, an incoming Chronicle (the school newspaper) staff writer, and as such there’s the overwhelming desire and responsibility to prove my worth and bring everything to the table. Besides writing, my passions mostly consist of reading thick books (I typically don’t look at the ones fewer than 300 pages), and performing in live theater. I’ve been dedicated to my local theater group, Mason Community Players, for the past four years, and through that group I’ve not only expanded my abilities from exclusively acting to working with construction, make-up, and publicity, but I’ve also developed my work ethic and understanding of paying my dues.

Outside of passions, I can typically be found on a hiking trail, babysitting, catching up on Supernatural, or getting in some practice at the gun range. The most important virtue I carry, I personally believe to be the variety of activities I’ve attempted and embraced, since nothing seems as vital in life as shaping yourself to be a well-rounded, widely knowledgeable human being. Otherwise, it becomes all too easy to slip into ignorance.

Do you see all that? Did any of it make you picture a certain person, or personality? Can you picture me, or who you think I’d be? Because, if you can, if you see something in your head, just remember…it’s only a rearranged combination of 26 letters.

Kind of cool, huh? I think so.


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