When Life Gives You Oranges, Vote

“There is a very big problem in America now; I would argue his name is not Donald J. Trump.” … More When Life Gives You Oranges, Vote


Look Up

For all of the intelligence this robotic era has inspired, it’s also promoted neglect of social relationships, people’s oblivious nature, and a false sense of all-knowing arrogance. … More Look Up

Branding Cultures

A reflective, silver jewelry box sits at the mirror’s base on my dresser. My near obsession with accessories that glitter has led to a dresser top cramped with shiny charms and tangled chains, but this box has a specific place, and is reserved for what I truly value. For the gold bracelet with my name … More Branding Cultures

Testing Doesn’t Teach

Through the Obama administration’s Race to the Top initiative, billions of dollars are offered to school systems nation-wide. However, in order to be eligible for the money, states cannot pass laws preventing teacher evaluations from including the test scores of their students. The theory is, when student scores at the beginning of the year are … More Testing Doesn’t Teach