Look Up

For all of the intelligence this robotic era has inspired, it’s also promoted neglect of social relationships, people’s oblivious nature, and a false sense of all-knowing arrogance. … More Look Up


My local theater group has this event every month that celebrates all the birthdays in that one month, because none of us believe we have enough wood to supply a bonfire for every individual occasion. We make that thing a good five feet tall, and keep it going until midnight. Typically, you get the same … More Bonfire

Hours of practice make perfect for marching band

Your local mail carrier may deliver your mail through rain or shine, snow or sleet, but they have nothing on the Mason High School Marching Band. While the amount of hours the band practices border on the limits of child labor laws, members of the band practice in rain, sleet, and blazing heat because they … More Hours of practice make perfect for marching band

Branding Cultures

A reflective, silver jewelry box sits at the mirror’s base on my dresser. My near obsession with accessories that glitter has led to a dresser top cramped with shiny charms and tangled chains, but this box has a specific place, and is reserved for what I truly value. For the gold bracelet with my name … More Branding Cultures

When to Back Down and When to Push Through

Knowing when you’re spent is a skill that’s all but required in everything you do, in all aspects of your life. You can only do so much without running yourself dry, that’s something that’s a part of every individual. We all have different capabilities, and along with that come very breaking points. Those breaking points, … More When to Back Down and When to Push Through